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the_last_poppy_email.jpgthe last poppy33 viewsoil on canvas; 42 x 43 inches;
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eSophia1blueAbstract.jpgRed white blue abstract #137 views22x28 acrylic $500
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eSophia2blueAbstract.jpgBlue Abstract #236 views22x28 acrylic $500
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1966__the_set_email.jpgthe set30 viewsautobiographical, sure. who doesn't?
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1967_bed_boy_dog_email.jpgBed, boy and dog43 viewsAbstracted interiors was another favorite subject.
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1969__flag_plant_email.jpgblack flag and plant76 viewspart of the black flag series. I still hate war.
image no longer available

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BUFFALO-SKULL3.jpgRain and Snow Replenish164 views24 x 36 acrylic on canvas

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BUFFALO-SKULL4.jpgSun & Thunder Generates182 views24 x 36 acrylic on canvas

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IMG_0439_Pope_Francis_7_9_2013_email.jpgBlessings and Peace: Pope Francis 81 views9 x 12 graphite on watercolor paper.
A priest friend sent me a challenge to draw the pope and so this sketch was made. Luckily I found a sweet photo to draw from, and I think it shows the essence of what we hope him to be.

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BUFFALO-SKULL1.jpgBuffalo Skull study422 viewsThis small 9x12 oil study was done then a larger painting produced.
The large version of this painting $2,000.

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3_panels__sunset_through_branches.jpgSunset through the tree33 views3 panels, 15 x 30 each, oil on canvas, 2014.
serenity times three. tryptych $2000.

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3j__Dior_illustration_done~1.jpgDior gown illustration demo329 viewsacrylic wash on paper.
Emily Griffith Technical College in Denver is the place to learn professional sewing whether you aspire to be a designer for high fashion, stage plays, or alter and tailor your own clothes. The drawing component teaches you to communicate your design to those who will construct the garment. It is about "seeing."

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