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MarilynMonroeSmoochemail.jpgThe Marilyn Smooch76 viewsgraphite and color pencil 14 x 17 on Bristol
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mountain_man_smoochemail~0.jpgThe Mountain Man Smooch Drawing72 views14 x 17 pencil on Bristol board April 2015

Non traditional pencil portraits by commission $750

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mountain_man_smoochemail.jpgThe Mountain Smooch80 viewsbeards are fun - and it is great when folks mug for a camera. This series of portraits are wonderful to make.
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5Aguillard_Bradshaw_mural_ala_Bierstadt.jpgMural for Bradshaw / ala Bierstadt76 viewsWall Mural in Acrylics. Have image will enlarge to suit your wall. Starting at $3500
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Aguillard_Noir_the_hell_you_say.jpgThe Hell You Say71 views24 x 36 oil on canvas from the Noir Series

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Aguillard_Noir_Ah_Romance1.jpgAh Romance82 views24 x 36 oil on canvas from the Noir Series. $2400
love vintage cinema, black and white old television, the murder mystery and femme fatales.

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The_Boat_House_across_Smith_Lake.jpgThe Boat House across Smith Lake115 views24 x 48 oil on canvas July 2013 nocturne in green

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1967_paint_and_collage_self_portrait_email.jpgself portrait with collage488 views
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1967_job_girl_email.jpgThe Job girl128 viewsa take off on a take off, part of the psychedelic series, where the paintings always ran over the frames and when installed, ran on to the walls as well.
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1966_pegboard_flag_email.jpgnowhere to run196 viewspart of the black flag series, here the stars have left the field, even trying to leave the pegboard on which this is painted... it is about a policy full of holes.
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1967_number_9__sex_drugs_rock_n_roll_email.jpgnumber 9 sex drugs rock n roll209 views5 panels acrylic on masonite wood painted framed as part of the piece; typical of the work I did in university.
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3j__Dior_illustration_done~0.jpgDior gown illustration 2012142 viewsdonated to the Emilly Griffith tech college when
I retired from teaching in their fashion design dept.

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