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Coffee_and_Contemplation.jpgCoffee and Contemplation68 viewssmall oil on canvas; Buddhist symbols and the lower end of a crucifix and a cup of coffee in a Grand Canyon mug on an old table in the studio.
$2000 plus shipping
web_study_religious_items.jpgStill life with religious items67 viewsoil on canvas 12" x 12" 2009 $1500.00
THE-CAT.jpgThe Cat66 viewssold
Calvin_Cline_Italian_Military_suit_drawing_for_web~0.jpgcalvin cline suit63 viewspencil sketch
Fall_in_Conifer_CO.jpgFall in Conifer, CO63 views12 x 16, oil on canvas, not Wash Park
ferenc_leslie_cowboys.jpgHow to Order/ image availabilty63 viewsPay Pal
Prints are signed and limited to editions of 50 or less. Check if image is still available.
Blank Greeting cards may be ordered of almost image in packs of 10 for $35.00 plus shipping.
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery .
mt_vernon_garden_wash_pk.jpgMt Vernon garden Washington Park63 views36 x 48 oil on canvas (Exercise in Green #2) $8500
a sunny summer day off the Grassmere in Martha Washington's replica garden. A visitor feeds squirrels from a shady bench.
The_Boat_House_across_Smith_Lake.jpgThe Boat House across Smith Lake63 views24 x 48 oil on canvas July 2013 nocturne in green
web_homage_lautrec_milliner_and_cat.jpgHomage to Lautrec - milliner and cat62 viewsoil on canvas 16" x 20" 2009 SOLD
1967_green_chair_acrylic_on_masonite_email.jpgThe Green and empty chair61 viewsroom interior study. I always liked painting chairs, too.
still_life_in_progress.jpgStill Life in Progress60 viewsStill Life in Progress, in the studio Aug 2009. Oil on Canvas. (Sold painting. Studio still crowded)
Art Classes for Adults are available. contact Leslie,
Studio,_Glass_#4.jpgThe studio, Glass #460 viewsPhotograph Series on mirrors, glass.
$350 - $800
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