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Sunset_Grassmere.jpgSunset at Grassmere85 views oil on canvas 28 x 36 $5000
serene colorfields
Goddess_of_the_flame_in_progress_April_15_2012.jpgThe Goddess of the Flame reduced to kitchen couture83 viewsoil on board. 16 x 20 inches. 2012
When the sacred is merely decoration,
the end is near.
she_wanted_to_model_for_picasso1.jpgShe always wanted to model for Picasso but was born 50 years too late.83 viewsReally, who doesn't like Picasso? At least the images I've selected.
1964_abstraction.jpgTransit in blue and green82 viewsnon referential abstraction, oil and mixed media on masonite; vintage 1964-66. Recently returned to the artist from an estate. $3500.
Aguillard,_Followed__7_5x15_5_oil_on_canvas.jpgFollowed82 viewsSold. small oil on canvas, city scape
Grassmere_Nocturne_1.jpgGrassmere Nocturn No. 182 viewslarge painting, oil on canvas, $8500
serene night image
drawing_The_Apple_for_web.jpgThe Apple81 viewsSketching every day just for practice is never a waste of time. This came from a perfume ad. Instead of the perfume I inserted the apple.
Naturally I find it much more interesting this way.
drawing_smiling_woman_1.jpgSmiling woman80 viewsSketch book study - trying to illustrate to students that one can use magazine models to draw from when live models are not available.
mirror_portrait.jpgportrait of the artist in the mirror80 viewsnon traditional portraiture available

Sittings quoted, contact the artist
Coffee_and_Contemplation.jpgCoffee and Contemplation79 viewssmall oil on canvas; Buddhist symbols and the lower end of a crucifix and a cup of coffee in a Grand Canyon mug on an old table in the studio.
$2000 plus shipping
the_first_cave_artist_for_email.jpgBerry's World vintage cartoon - first cave artist79 viewsThe beginning of cliches for artists. An artist for over 60 years, Leslie remains a seeker and a teacher and enjoying the healing power of humor more each year. Contact via Face Book, Linked In, Pay Pal Artemis Arts PO Box 40435, Denver, CO 80204
Mary_o_fNeon_Nights.jpegMary of Neon Nights77 viewsaltered photograph. An OP homage greeting card.
Let's talk about how Spirituality is helpful in coping with a society jaded by materialism.
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