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GESHA1~0.jpgThe Geisha141 viewsFantasy and reality are very different experiences.
Oil on Canvas $1500; $300 giclee on paper or canvas
Leslie_ordained_to_priesthood_w_Bishop_Michael_and_Mtr_Shane.jpgat Leslie's ordination in May 2012139 viewsHere is Leslie with Bishop Michael Adams and Mother Shane who assisted at the ordination in May 2012. Of course we are all happy! Being free and independent catholics we are surrounded by peace and potential. email:
3j__Dior_illustration_done.jpgDior Gown Illustration135 viewsacrylic and marker on paper
20 x 27
done as a time lapse for a video lecture.
Cards and prints available upon request only.
Grassmere_morning,_Wash_Pk_series.jpgGrassmere Morning135 viewsOil painting (Sold)
lips_72_bpi_for_email.jpgLuscious Lips133 viewsanother Halloween inspired drawing from Oct 2009, colored pencil
@ 14 x 17
3_ducks.jpg3 ducks132 viewsoil on canvas, 36 x 36
IMG_0439_Pope_Francis_7_9_2013_email.jpgBlessings and Peace: Pope Francis 131 views9 x 12 graphite on watercolor paper.
A priest friend sent me a challenge to draw the pope and so this sketch was made. Luckily I found a sweet photo to draw from, and I think it shows the essence of what we hope him to be.
pow_wow_dreams_of_horses.jpgPow Wow, dreams of horses131 viewsacrylic on canvas, 30" x 30" sold.
Giclee prints $750.
1967_job_girl_email.jpgThe Job girl130 viewsa take off on a take off, part of the psychedelic series, where the paintings always ran over the frames and when installed, ran on to the walls as well.
Woman_reading_the_law.jpgWoman Reading the Law130 viewsSmall painting, oil on canvas,
$2000 plus shipping
Darfur_Lullaby.jpgDarful Lullaby127 viewsOil on canvas - SOLD; giclee on canvas available
no longer available. Card image may be ordered.
Sympathy for so much in the world.
Sunset_Grassmere.jpgSunset at Grassmere127 views oil on canvas 28 x 36 $5000
serene colorfields
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