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lips_72_bpi_for_email.jpgLuscious Lips99 viewsanother Halloween inspired drawing from Oct 2009, colored pencil
@ 14 x 17
3j__Dior_illustration_done.jpgDior Gown Illustration98 viewsacrylic and marker on paper
20 x 27
done as a time lapse for a video lecture.
Cards and prints available.
3j__Dior_illustration_done~0.jpgDior gown illustration 201295 viewsdonated to the Emilly Griffith tech college when
I retired from teaching in their fashion design dept.
Darfur_Lullaby.jpgDarful Lullaby93 viewsOil on canvas - SOLD; giclee on canvas available
no longer available. Card image may be ordered.
Sympathy for so much in the world.
GESHA1~0.jpgThe Geisha93 viewsFantasy and reality are very different experiences.
Oil on Canvas $1500; $300 giclee on paper or canvas
pow_wow_dreams_of_horses.jpgPow Wow, dreams of horses92 viewsacrylic on canvas, 30" x 30" sold.
Giclee prints $750.
Woman_reading_the_law.jpgWoman Reading the Law91 viewsSmall painting, oil on canvas,
$2000 plus shipping
Grassmere_morning,_Wash_Pk_series.jpgGrassmere Morning85 viewsOil painting (Sold)
3_ducks.jpg3 ducks84 viewsoil on canvas, 36 x 36
Drawing_Conclusions.jpgDrawing conclusions84 viewsPencil and sketchbook. One of the exercises I have students do is to draw their non-dominant hand. So I did it as well because drawing is fun.
OIL-WAR-IMG_4900.jpgoil war83 viewsBlack on black acrylic paint wood box bookshelf sculpture. 12" x 12" x 3"; Able to hang on the wall. Handy place to keep your car keys or wine glass. A reminder to rethink 'why war?'
$500 plus shipping
1967_job_girl_email.jpgThe Job girl82 viewsa take off on a take off, part of the psychedelic series, where the paintings always ran over the frames and when installed, ran on to the walls as well.
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