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Da_Vinci_Mona_Lisa_and_Catskills.jpgMona and Catskills97 viewsoil on canvas 16 x 20 $2500
Prints and cards, perfect for any Mona
collector. Allow 3 weeks.
November_Grassmere.jpgNovember at Grassmere97 viewsOil on Canvas, 20 x 30
Blue_Grassmere__for_web.jpgBlue Grassmere95 views28 x36 oil on canvass 2011 $3500.
stylized landscape of the lake, island and walk on a still overcast day; simple and serene.
Bobbi_smooch_drawing.jpgThe Sweet Smooch95 viewsAnother great artist friend Bobbi posed for this

(Smoochie portraits available depending on the suitability of the face for a smoochie... some faces just are not that interesting to me)
Jakes_killer_imageemail.jpgThe Sinister Smooch95 viewsI took liberties with this one because I've the ulterior motive feeling in the eyes... a smooch yes, but...
LoreyHobbsSmoochEmail~0.jpgshe didn't like it95 views
Lost_Muse_talking_to_group_email.jpgLost Muse performance art January 201595 viewsOne Sunday, after waking in tears over humanity's demise
in the 6th extinction, I made this cardboard sign, which read:
Artist-Lost My Muse, Anything Might Help.
On the back of the sign it read: Performance Art.
I told people not to be afraid, and asked them
what they liked about Art. Many people engaged with me happily
and some quite thoughtfully, and some ran away.
My Muse returned. Not sure it is ever gone.
the_last_poppy_email.jpgthe last poppy95 viewsoil on canvas; 42 x 43 inches;
Aguillard_whitewashZen_email.jpgZen Luck94 viewsAcrylic on Masonite, mixed media; 15x25 image
prints available $25 plus shipping.
ferenc_leslie_cowboys.jpgPay Pal94 viewsPay Pal
Prints are signed and limited to editions of 50 or less. Check if image is still available.
Blank Greeting cards may be ordered of almost image in packs of 10 for $35.00 plus shipping.
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery .
MarilynMonroeSmoochemail.jpgThe Marilyn Smooch94 viewsgraphite and color pencil 14 x 17 on Bristol
1966__the_set_email.jpgthe set92 viewsautobiographical, sure. who doesn't?
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