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5g_Dior_illustration_for_email.jpgDior gown illustration293 viewsat part of a video lecture presentation, Leslie did a time lapse watercolor of this Dior gown as a demonstration for beginning fashion sketching students at Emily Griffith Technical College.
full_moon_grassmere.jpgFull Moon at Washington Park89 views12 x 12 (Sold)
IMG_0439_Pope_Francis_7_9_2013_email.jpgBlessings and Peace: Pope Francis 131 views9 x 12 graphite on watercolor paper.
A priest friend sent me a challenge to draw the pope and so this sketch was made. Luckily I found a sweet photo to draw from, and I think it shows the essence of what we hope him to be.
new_moon_smith_lake.jpgNew Moon at Smith Lake98 views12 x 12 oil on canvas
Noir_drawing_7__7__2013__90_percent.jpgNoir: they just drove up60 views9 x 12 graphite on watercolor paper
from the era of early black and white television, things we don't see much of anymore: women's hats, big convertible cars, etc.
photography__Leslies_botanic_garden_series.jpgThe Lotus in Autumn62 viewsphotograph from botanic garden series

images available signed, unframed from $350
photography__Leslies_botanic_garden_series_3.jpgbotanic garden series Reflecting upon Abstraction70 viewsWater and stone study

images available signed, unframed $350
Sunset_Grassmere.jpgSunset at Grassmere127 views oil on canvas 28 x 36 $5000
serene colorfields
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