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1967_job_girl_email.jpgThe Job girl99 viewsa take off on a take off, part of the psychedelic series, where the paintings always ran over the frames and when installed, ran on to the walls as well.
Aguillard,_Followed__7_5x15_5_oil_on_canvas.jpgFollowed82 viewsSold. small oil on canvas, city scape
Coffee_and_Contemplation.jpgCoffee and Contemplation79 viewssmall oil on canvas; Buddhist symbols and the lower end of a crucifix and a cup of coffee in a Grand Canyon mug on an old table in the studio.
$2000 plus shipping
full_moon_grassmere.jpgFull Moon at Washington Park66 views12 x 12 (Sold)
Sunset_Grassmere.jpgSunset at Grassmere85 views oil on canvas 28 x 36 $5000
serene colorfields
Woman_reading_the_law.jpgWoman Reading the Law105 viewsSmall painting, oil on canvas,
$2000 plus shipping
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