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The_Boat_House_across_Smith_Lake.jpgThe Boat House across Smith Lake141 views24 x 48 oil on canvas July 2013 nocturne in green
Jul 20, 2013
IMG_0439_Pope_Francis_7_9_2013_email.jpgBlessings and Peace: Pope Francis 149 views9 x 12 graphite on watercolor paper.
A priest friend sent me a challenge to draw the pope and so this sketch was made. Luckily I found a sweet photo to draw from, and I think it shows the essence of what we hope him to be.
Jul 11, 2013
Noir_drawing_7__7__2013__90_percent.jpgNoir: they just drove up74 views9 x 12 graphite on watercolor paper
from the era of early black and white television, things we don't see much of anymore: women's hats, big convertible cars, etc.
Jul 11, 2013
Sherlock_Holmes__Elementary_email.jpgSherlock from Elementary135 viewspencil drawing on Bristol, 11 x 14, June 20, 2013Jun 22, 2013
Runner_1___Wash_Pk_series_in_progress.jpgRunners, morning meditation83 viewsoil on canvasMar 24, 2013
the_first_cave_artist_for_email.jpgBerry's World vintage cartoon - first cave artist113 viewsThe beginning of cliches for artists. An artist for over 60 years, Leslie remains a seeker and a teacher and enjoying the healing power of humor more each year. Contact via Face Book, Linked In, Pay Pal Artemis Arts PO Box 40435, Denver, CO 80204
Jan 29, 2013
pen_and_ink_of_James_Dean_for_email.jpgHe was so cool82 viewsPen and Ink on paper, drawing 9 x 8 inches. Image no longer available.Jan 29, 2013
ink_brush_horses_1983__12_x_16.jpgSpirit horses - mare and foal127 viewsink and brush on paper, 1983 12 x 16Jan 22, 2013
vine_twined_tree_in_studio___jan_2013.jpgvine twined tree in studio91 viewsoil on board 24 x 36 jan 2013Jan 18, 2013
Calvin_Cline_Italian_Military_suit_drawing_for_web~0.jpgcalvin cline suit108 viewspencil sketch
Jan 18, 2013
aguillard_warrior_woman_sturdy_foundation_sensible_shoes_slays_misogny_in_many_forms_email.jpgwoman warrior in sturdy foundation and sensible shoes slays misogny in many insidious forms1182 viewsoil on canvas, in antique frame (SOLD); Feminism is one of the struggles for equality we face, and sadly it is still considered a handicap in many societies. (cards may become available soon)Oct 03, 2012
1967_acrylic_on_wallboard_doug_email.jpgpsychedelic doug189 viewsJun 26, 2012
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