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1966_possibly_weasel_email.jpgunknown: possibly weasel83 viewswhatever the decade, love and caring will, I hope, prevail.Jun 26, 2012
1967_bed_boy_dog_email.jpgBed, boy and dog90 viewsAbstracted interiors was another favorite subject. Jun 26, 2012
1969__flag_plant_email.jpgblack flag and plant125 viewspart of the black flag series. I still hate war.
image no longer available
Jun 26, 2012
1968_remnant__doug_email.jpgRemnant with 3 missing panels116 viewsJun 26, 2012
1968_chadwick_numbers_email.jpgLove by the numbers84 viewspaint by numbers, only these numbers are on top of the pain. I have always liked figurative pieces, relationship pieces.Jun 26, 2012
1967_number_9__sex_drugs_rock_n_roll_email.jpgnumber 9 sex drugs rock n roll210 views5 panels acrylic on masonite wood painted framed as part of the piece; typical of the work I did in university.Jun 26, 2012
Coffee_and_Contemplation~0.jpgCoffee and Contemplation193 viewsSpiritual direction services help to put relevancy back into daily life that has been sucked out by commercialism and bad behavior from those who should have been role models in our society. Details of this painting, see Studies.Jun 14, 2012
1964_abstraction.jpgTransit in blue and green105 viewsnon referential abstraction, oil and mixed media on masonite; vintage 1964-66. Recently returned to the artist from an estate. $3500.
Jun 14, 2012
Breaking_the_nation_1968_mixed_media_on_masonite.jpgBreaking the nation376 viewsvintage mixed media on masonite, 1968. Sitting Bull profile, 3d rectilinear box depicting the square government housing that broke the hoop of the nation as surely as did the near extinction of the buffalo.Jun 14, 2012
Calvin_Cline_Italian_Military_suit_drawing_for_web.jpgillustration of Calvin Cline Italian Military suit1405 viewssketching every day is never a waste of time. All skills are tools that need sharpening, on-going.
Fashion magazines often have great models and lighting for a quick study when you only have a few minutes. This was done with a fine lead mechanical pencil.
Jun 13, 2012
drawing_The_Apple_for_web.jpgThe Apple103 viewsSketching every day just for practice is never a waste of time. This came from a perfume ad. Instead of the perfume I inserted the apple.
Naturally I find it much more interesting this way.
Jun 13, 2012
3j__Dior_illustration_done~1.jpgDior gown illustration demo367 viewsacrylic wash on paper.
Emily Griffith Technical College in Denver is the place to learn professional sewing whether you aspire to be a designer for high fashion, stage plays, or alter and tailor your own clothes. The drawing component teaches you to communicate your design to those who will construct the garment. It is about "seeing."
Jun 13, 2012
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