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photo_for_appearances.jpgphoto for appearances72 viewson stage tonight.... portrait of the artist in 1966Jun 26, 2012
1967_green_chair_acrylic_on_masonite_email.jpgThe Green and empty chair53 viewsroom interior study. I always liked painting chairs, too.Jun 26, 2012
1967_job_girl_email.jpgThe Job girl82 viewsa take off on a take off, part of the psychedelic series, where the paintings always ran over the frames and when installed, ran on to the walls as well.Jun 26, 2012
1966__the_set_email.jpgthe set30 viewsautobiographical, sure. who doesn't?Jun 26, 2012
1966_pegboard_flag_email.jpgnowhere to run150 viewspart of the black flag series, here the stars have left the field, even trying to leave the pegboard on which this is painted... it is about a policy full of holes.Jun 26, 2012
1966_pencil___dylan_and_baez_email.jpgDylan and Baez21 viewspencil studyJun 26, 2012
1966_possibly_weasel_email.jpgunknown: possibly weasel37 viewswhatever the decade, love and caring will, I hope, prevail.Jun 26, 2012
1967_bed_boy_dog_email.jpgBed, boy and dog43 viewsAbstracted interiors was another favorite subject. Jun 26, 2012
1969__flag_plant_email.jpgblack flag and plant76 viewspart of the black flag series. I still hate war.
image no longer available
Jun 26, 2012
1968_remnant__doug_email.jpgRemnant with 3 missing panels69 viewsJun 26, 2012
1968_chadwick_numbers_email.jpgLove by the numbers39 viewspaint by numbers, only these numbers are on top of the pain. I have always liked figurative pieces, relationship pieces.Jun 26, 2012
1967_number_9__sex_drugs_rock_n_roll_email.jpgnumber 9 sex drugs rock n roll165 views5 panels acrylic on masonite wood painted framed as part of the piece; typical of the work I did in university.Jun 26, 2012
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