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Manifestoemailjpg.jpgManifesto Destiny13 viewsOne of my mother's favorite paintings also from the late 60's. I wanted to finish it with more Caucasian hands leading the snake's tail up the red side of the painting toward it's mouth, ouroboros-like. It is one of my favorites, too. At the Salon Artists Gallery. $1200 will gladly finish the snake.Dec 10, 2017
Email_was_once_a_landscape.jpgWas once a landscape9 viewsin the center is a tiny triangular shape from the mesa that was central to this once spring landscape of the desert, with sage hills, a mission surrounded by blooming trees, mountains and sky. I painted it for my mother in the living room. She said she liked it. I never did. When she died I painted over it and somehow it became a ritual piece for me. It was left in the house due to no room in the van or at the gallery.Dec 10, 2017
Emailcloseupmepainting.jpgme working on the Nubile left hand and straws10 viewsI may use this image for a card.Dec 10, 2017
NubileRealityEmail2.jpg5 feet of Nubile bliss surrounded by Reality11 viewsThe youth strides unconcerned, straws grasped in her left hand, a crumpled slip of paper (Caution) is released from her right hand. Three stages of life behind her, hope, career, and reflection. I was thrilled this piece survived as it was begun in about 1970. $1200 at Salon Artists Gallery in Park Forest.Dec 10, 2017
The_HurricaneEmail.jpgThe Hurricane11 viewslarge highly textured painting rescued from the garage, also from late 1960's and turned slightly more biographical. Stored now at Salon Artists Gallery in Park Forest.Dec 09, 2017
lovefoundingarageEmail.jpgGarage love excavation12 viewsbeat up canvas from the 1960s used to give the house a more modern feel. Seems to have worked. I left the piece in the house....just no room in the van and the gallery is full as well.Dec 09, 2017
Emailpaintingmanifesto.jpgNov. 2017 lost studio10 viewsme painting on the Manifesto Destiny piece
that now rests in storage at Studio Artists Gallery in Park Forest
Dec 09, 2017
Healing_of_terror_Shrine_(sold).jpgthe Healing of Terror Shrine30 views(Sold) mixed media: wood carved box, paint, milagros, photos. We need all the healing we can get.Jul 13, 2017
its_always_something1.jpgIt's always something40 viewsside view... the existential angst of wanting what we need and want yet it is out of reach. 6x6x4 wood, glass globe, ceramic dog, train set grass, handbuilt femo fire hydrant. $300 plus shippingJul 12, 2017
LintHandGunand_knives.jpgPersonal Security #1 gun and knives41 viewsThe Artist's own dryer lint glued to can never be too careful.
8.5x11 unframed $300 plus shipping
Jul 12, 2017
its_always_something_email.jpgIt's always something40 viewsthe existential truth of most lives needing and wanting what seems essential but out of reach. Found objects, glass globe, ceramic figurine, hand made femo fire hydrant, train set grass
$300 plus shipping
Jul 12, 2017
healthcare1.jpgHealth Care #140 viewsThe basics of the new health care bill that will become affordable to the masses once passed. If only we hadn't insisted on all those billion dollar fighter planes.Jul 12, 2017
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