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Warrior_power_heals.jpgWarrior Power Heals171 views24 x 30 Acrylic on canvas
gold metal studio frame
3 medicine skulls are $1500.00 each
Mar 29, 2008
THE-GRAND-OCCOPATION-IMG_48.jpgThe Grand Occupation149 viewsOil on canvas. Five feet +. a vertical mural depicting how wealth is built, maintained, abused, and glorified. $8500.00 Mar 23, 2008
SOURCE-OF-WEALTH-#1-IMG_489.jpgThe Source of Wealth157 viewsLike it or not, great wealth is based upon the subjugation of the masses working for less. If the weatlh is shared so that laborers enjoy a decent life, then wealth is redefined and assured for all. If the masses are abused, the wealthy are in jeopardy. Remember Marie Antoinette. Price of the original $7500Mar 23, 2008
OIL-WAR-IMG_4900.jpgoil war117 viewsBlack on black acrylic paint wood box bookshelf sculpture. 12" x 12" x 3"; Able to hang on the wall. Handy place to keep your car keys or wine glass. A reminder to rethink 'why war?'
$500 plus shipping
Mar 23, 2008
GODZILLA-ARM-CANDYIMG_4897.jpgGodzilla vs the notion of arm candy183 viewsoil on canvas. Godzilla, my favorite vigillante, battles with the "notion of arm candy" $7500.00Mar 23, 2008
THE-CAT.jpgThe Cat98 viewssoldMar 23, 2008
BUFFALO-SKULL1.jpgBuffalo Skull study470 viewsThis small 9x12 oil study was done then a larger painting produced.
The large version of this painting $2,000.
Mar 23, 2008
BUFFALO-SKULL3.jpgRain and Snow Replenish203 views24 x 36 acrylic on canvas
Mar 23, 2008
BUFFALO-SKULL4.jpgSun & Thunder Generates223 views24 x 36 acrylic on canvas
Mar 23, 2008
ZEN-MOON-IMG_4757-2-2006.jpgThe Zen Moon256 views40 x 36 acrylic on canvas
Madame Budda MP3, Warhol, devil dancing Liberty and Jesus resurrected trying to change the image of the cross (the chia cross) while Magdalene picks wild flowers. $4000.00 plus shipping
Mar 23, 2008
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