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cat_icon_with_flash.jpgThe Divine Felinine49 viewsthe 16 x 20 oil on canvas. The Divine Felinine reminds us that all life is sacred and that animals were created before humans. $2500, prints and cards available, sweet holiday cards, allow 3 weeks!Aug 31, 2011
Leslie_and_her_12_woman_screen_BBB_show.jpgLeslie and the 12 woman screen141 viewsfashion designs and fem fatales
From Habitat Gallery, Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO
2011 WCA national exhibit
Bras, Bangles & Bunions; donated to EGTC.
May 20, 2011
Aguillard_sometimes_a_cigar_is_only_a_cigar.jpgsometimes a cigar is only a cigar77 viewscurrency paper mache and rabbit fur
mixed media sculpture; wry commentary
on a materialistic relationship. In the
Reversing the Gaze international exhibition.
$500 with case, and shipping
May 20, 2011
Drawing_Conclusions.jpgDrawing conclusions90 viewsPencil and sketchbook. One of the exercises I have students do is to draw their non-dominant hand. So I did it as well because drawing is fun.Apr 05, 2011
Temples_on_Broadway.jpgThe Temples on Broadway86 viewspainting, oil on canvas, highly textured,
inspired by actual reflection in an office building
of yet other buildings on Broadway, Denver, CO,
turned into an allegory of life, career, family.
Original painting studio framed $7500.00
Dec 03, 2010
SF_morning.jpgSan Franciso morning from Gail Alien's window45 viewsUrban still life photography $350Dec 03, 2010
mirror_portrait.jpgportrait of the artist in the mirror73 viewsnon traditional portraiture available

Sittings quoted, contact the artist
Dec 03, 2010
photograph__Leslies_studio_series.jpgthe studio shelf with aliens42 viewsphotograph from Leslie's Studio series; shelf of small brushes, recycled Barbie and aliens.

Signed Art cards, blank inside, available with envelopes in sets of 10 for $45
Dec 03, 2010
photography__Leslies_botanic_garden_series.jpgThe Lotus in Autumn36 viewsphotograph from botanic garden series

images available signed, unframed from $350
Dec 03, 2010
photography__Leslies_Kirkland_series.jpgvintage glass from the Kirkland36 viewsphotograph of glass on glass from the Kirkland series

images available signed, unframed from $350
Dec 03, 2010
photography__Leslies_San_Francisco_series.jpgleaving his heart there41 viewsphotograph San Francisco series

One large framed print available $350
Dec 03, 2010
Starry_Wolves.jpgStarry Wolves88 viewsAward winning Acrylic on Canvas
the wolf spirit cries to the waning moon as it too wans
Original is framed in red wood. $7500.00 plus shipping
Dec 03, 2010
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