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Coffee_and_Contemplation.jpgCoffee and Contemplation79 viewssmall oil on canvas; Buddhist symbols and the lower end of a crucifix and a cup of coffee in a Grand Canyon mug on an old table in the studio.
$2000 plus shipping
Mar 03, 2012
Grassmere_Nocturne_1.jpgGrassmere Nocturn No. 182 viewslarge painting, oil on canvas, $8500
serene night image
Mar 03, 2012
Sunset_Grassmere.jpgSunset at Grassmere85 views oil on canvas 28 x 36 $5000
serene colorfields
Mar 03, 2012
Woman_reading_the_law.jpgWoman Reading the Law105 viewsSmall painting, oil on canvas,
$2000 plus shipping
Mar 03, 2012
Fall_in_Conifer_CO.jpgFall in Conifer, CO71 views12 x 16, oil on canvas, not Wash Park
Feb 14, 2012
November_Grassmere.jpgNovember at Grassmere59 viewsOil on Canvas, 20 x 30Feb 14, 2012
drawing_smiling_woman_1.jpgSmiling woman80 viewsSketch book study - trying to illustrate to students that one can use magazine models to draw from when live models are not available.Nov 14, 2011
Dalai_Lama_small.jpgHis holiness the Dalai lama155 viewsthis small acrylic 8 x 10 portrait (Sold) is charming and has been made into lovely cards - it seems fitting to say "Peace is always beautiful"
To order small prints or cards, contact the artist .
Sep 20, 2011
Leslies_Salvator_Mundi_to_website.jpgSalvator Mundi homeage to Leonardo277 viewsAcrylic on canvas, image size 20 x 24, beautifully framed. Homage to Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi, and instead of the glass globe Leonardo used this one is a transparent planet earth, also the Christ figure is not so frightening! $1200. Cards and Prints available from $3 to $35 plus shippingSep 12, 2011
Mary_o_fNeon_Nights.jpegMary of Neon Nights77 viewsaltered photograph. An OP homage greeting card.
Let's talk about how Spirituality is helpful in coping with a society jaded by materialism.
Sep 04, 2011
Cat_Icon_-_thedivinefeline.jpegThe Divine Felinine233 views16 x 20 acrylic painting of cat as icon, not as any disrespect to traditional human worship forms but to raise the consciousness that animals were created first and deserve respect. An homage to all motherhood. Signed Prints $100 limited to edition of 50.Sep 04, 2011
St_Anthony_small_photo.jpgSt Anthony's lullaby93 viewssculpture maquette 22" tall, to be cast in bronze, polystone and paper. A great meditation piece for your garden. A cup of coffee or tea, a few moments of silence with the birds and the trees. Life is made up of moments. Have some each day that are peaceful.
Contact Leslie Aguillard for details
Sep 04, 2011
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