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BizarreBazaar_Email.jpgBizarre Bazaar4 views5" x 5.5" black and white acryllic on etching
Original $150
BrontsintheLaurelsagain_email.jpgThe Brontosaurus is in the Laurels again4 views6" x 8" acryllic on litho
Original $85
CalamarisRevengeEmail.jpgCalamari's Revenge5 views8" x 10" acryllic on Litho
Cousin to the Crackin, this guy deserves to take as many with him as he can.
Original $75
CautionNearCoyPond_email.jpgCaution Near the Coy Pond5 views5.75" x 7.75" acryllic on litho
Original $150
GodzillishAmsterdam_.jpgGodzillish in Amsterdam3 views4.5" x 5.75" acryllic on litho
My favorite monster, so like him to tire of Tokyo and want to see Europe.
GodzillishDrainsSwamp.jpgGozillish Drains the Swamp5 views4.5" x 5.5" black and white acryllic on litho
When my mother died and I had to clean out her house, I found many small kitchy prints to which I added creatures to fit my emotional state. I really like them. Original $150
HunchbackLitchfieldCathedral_email.jpgThe Hunchback of Litchfield Cathedral3 views6.75" x 10.5" acryllic on litho
creeping in the shadows among old English Cathedrals is the favorite haunt of hunchbacks - at least they have a home.
KongLongsForALatte_email.jpgKong Longs for a Latte5 views4.5" x 3.5" acryllic on litho
Poor guy, so wants to fit in; I understand being on the outside looking in. Still, it is charming.
NessyToursAlps.jpgNessie tours the Alps3 views6" x 8.75" acryllic on litho
The Loch does get tiresome and one longs for snowy peaks at time and crunchy swimmers.
setter_besetemail.jpgThe Setter Beset5 views8" x 10" acryllic on litho
haven't you been suddenly freaked to a frozen stand still hearing a certain crunch behind you in the woods?
Even when it has nothing to do with you...hopefully.
Original $100
SludgeMagicDragon_email.jpgSludge the Magic Dragon4 views8x10 acryllic on litho
nothing soothes like a stroll down a country road.
Original $85
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