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StanSmoochemail.jpgStan's Smooch24 viewslike the others, this is 14 x 17 color pencil on Bristol. Stan is a fixture of the Colorado Artists Guild
MtnAmbroseSherrieFamilySmoochEmial1~0.jpgMountainAmbroseSherrieFamilySmooch22 views14x17 color pencil on bristol
Ruth_Smooch_email.jpgThe Ruth Smooch22 viewsAnother artist from the Colo Artists Guild -
14 x 17 color pencil on Bristol
Squirt_Gun_Fight.jpgSquirt Gun Fight - dad wins again24 viewscolored pencil 13 x 16
MarilynMonroeSmoochemail.jpgThe Marilyn Smooch31 viewsgraphite and color pencil 14 x 17 on Bristol
The_Elvis_Smooch_email.jpgThe Elvis Smooch24 views14 x 17 carbon and graphite on Bristol
Renee_drawingEmail.jpgThe Renee Smooch34 viewsI enjoy portraits and the way to make them not boring is to have them be fun and full of character, so the Smoochie was born.... and it is even more fun to do my artist and musician friends. All the Smoochies are 14 x 17 mostly color pencils and a little ink.
mountain_man_smoochemail.jpgThe Mountain Smooch33 viewsbeards are fun - and it is great when folks mug for a camera. This series of portraits are wonderful to make.
LoreyHobbsSmoochEmail~0.jpg33 views
Jakes_killer_imageemail.jpgThe Sinister Smooch33 viewsI took liberties with this one because I've the ulterior motive feeling in the eyes... a smooch yes, but...
Bobbi_smooch_drawing.jpgThe Sweet Smooch31 viewsAnother great artist friend Bobbi posed for this
kiss_from_nana_email.jpga kiss from Nana23 views14 x 17 pencil and ink.
I wish I could have been there when she died;
and had the chance to say a last goodbye;
to hold again her soft frail hand
and have one more sweet kiss from Nana.
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