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Native American & Western Themes


Most images here are now vintage as the Western motiff has not been revisited in some time.

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Allegorical and Women's Lives


This began with a show of 12 tall and narrow paintings,
some of which are shown here.
The series is on-going if infrequently expanded.

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Everything has Politics


There are endless issues, which may be viewed seriously, humorously, with satire to sadness. We prefer images with meanings attached.

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A sampling of drawings and small paintings from which larger works may emerge

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Washington Park and landscapes


The Washington Park series is on-going if infrequently expanded. When landscapes are done they have primarily been studies and meditations. Generally serene, they evoke a healing that only comes from nature.

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The Artist and how to contact


Leslie Aguillard received art and teaching degree from Illinois State University 1968, worked as a commercial artist and designer for over 25 years and then part time freelancer, teacher and studio artist continues into her retirement as well as mentoring serious students. Her work spans from carving marble to sketching cartoons, commercial design to fine art, crafting fiber art as well as fashion design and couture art creations. "Art has shaped society since ancient times and needs to continue to push our evolution forward."

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Most Images are available, how to order


Pay Pal to
We will invoice your Pay Pal account
Shipping may be included within the United States.

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Homages to favorite historical and famouse artists - not fakes, not attempting to fool anyone - studying styles, colors, topics and... adding cats.

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Commercial art and design


The commercial studio operated for over 27 years. Commissions or projects are considered case by case.

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in process of being updated, a small sampling is offered here.

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Spiritual Direction & Healing Arts


Art Therapy and Art Education and Art as a Spiritual Practice is undertaken with sincerity and peace. We welcome the sense of co-existence and peace among all people as the goal of civilization.

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Learn art, illustration from fashion to fine art


Although Leslie has retired from formal classroom education, individual lessons may sometime be negotiated.

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